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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Courses and Career Options after Class 12th : Commerce Stream

Courses and Career Options after Class 12th : Commerce Stream

Most of the state and other boards have announced their class 12th results. It is now the time to think over the career options & courses and many more related questions that are puzzling in your mind like what should be chosen after class 12th. This is one of the most critical periods in a students’ life. First you should evaluate yourself. Though you already chose a stream like Arts or Science (PCB or PCM) or Commerce in class 12th on the basis of your aptitude and interest, yet if you wish to switch over to other field for higher studies, you can go through many options as per your interest. It is time when you should counsel yourself. You need to check out your interests and which way you exactly want to go. This will help you a lot in taking the right career decision. While choosing a career and in other fields of life as well, if you follow your passion and pursue what you like, the road to success will become very easy for you. A person who takes the right career decisions at the right time can enjoy very much the career path he has chosen. Taking guidance from your parents, friends and other experienced persons really helps, but the final decision should be yours. This article and the next one in this series will discuss about the various career options that are available in the commerce stream. 

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